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Uncommon Holiday Destinations to Consider This Summer

With the current travel restrictions in place in Australia, many people are looking for alternative destinations for their summer travel plans. Whether you love the beach and you want to soak up the sun or you would like to experience a beautiful hinterland location to get your rural fix, you may be wondering where to go on holiday during the warmer months. So, what are some uncommon holiday destinations to consider this summer? Take a look below to find out.


Lake Mungo National Park

If you love nature and history, Lake Mungo National Park may be the perfect unique destination for you to visit. This national park dating back 40,000 years is part of the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area and is home to some of the world’s oldest fossils. Lake Mungo used to be a 135-square kilometre freshwater lake before it dried up 14,000 years ago and it now features unique fossils and landmarks such as the Great Walls of China, which are eroded sand dunes which conceal early examples of cooking hearths, campfire areas and burial sites.


Lord Howe Island

World Heritage Listed Lord Howe Island is a favourite destination for many Australians and when you see breathtaking pictures of the place, it is no surprise. Outdoor fanatics can enjoy all of the natural experiences on offer, such as swimming, fishing, snorkeling and bushwalking through the palm forests. If you love all things nature, you can experience all of the rare native flora and fauna that the island boasts. Marine lovers can also see the world’s most southerly coral reef among a variety of marine life that loves to live around the island.



Esperance is an iconic area in Western Australia that is known to have it all – from beautiful beaches to stunning islands, local wildlife to unique local attractions. There aren’t many places in the world (or even Australia!) where you will catch a local kangaroo soaking up the sun on the beach, but in Esperance, you may just catch a glimpse of nature at its finest. Other unique experiences include diving among the local wrecks, beautiful wetlands filled with local birds and wildlife cruises where you can see dolphins, seals and sea eagles living in the wild. If you prefer land animals, why not take a 4-wheel drive tour inland, where you can see camels, deer, llamas, kangaroos and buffalo, to name a few.


Fleurier Peninsula

If you consider yourself to be a water baby, Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia may be the perfect place for your summer holiday. The peninsula offers a huge variety of aquatic activities, with visitors enjoying fishing, surfing, bodyboarding, scuba diving and sailing. If you love nature, you can also experience a penguin tour, where you can see the little fellas living in the wild. If you would like to see dolphins swimming in the ocean, you can also embark on a dolphin cruise during the day. The peninsula is known as an aquatic wonderland, so make sure you check it out to get your summer fix!

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