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Private Excursions in Wine Country: Uncovering the Hidden Gems of Yarra Valley

If you are a wine enthusiast planning a visit to Melbourne, you must visit the Yarra Valley wine region. Located an hour’s drive away from the city, Yarra Valley boasts of over 80 wineries and has established itself as one of the top wine regions in Australia. From boutique wineries to giant estates, Yarra Valley has it all.

While taking a group tour is a popular option to explore the region, a private excursion provides a much more intimate and personalized experience. In this article, we will explore the best way to plan your private Yarra Valley wine tour, uncover hidden gems in the region, tips for food and wine pairing, and how to create an unforgettable experience.

Planning Your Private Excursion

When planning your private excursion, it is crucial to research and select a reputable tour operator. With plenty of tour operators to choose from, it is essential to do your due diligence to ensure you get the best possible experience. A tour operator with a significant level of experience and excellent reviews will ensure that your tour meets your expectations and provides you with a personalized itinerary that you will enjoy.

Next, you need to think about your budget and preferences for wineries to visit. A private excursion is tailor-made according to your requests, making it essential to highlight any wineries or regions you would like to explore. Customization of itinerary ensures you get a unique experience that aligns with your taste and is more in-depth than group tours.

Discovering the Hidden Gems of Yarra Valley Wine Tours

The diversity of wineries and vineyards in Yarra Valley is one of the things that make it unique. It is essential to explore beyond the renowned wine estates and explore boutique vineyards for a unique experience.

One prime example of an off-the-beat-path destination is Whispering Hills Vineyard. This small vineyard is located in the Yarra Glen region and is a personal favorite of many locals. Join a private tour to this vineyard to taste their premium wine varieties and enjoy the stunning views.

Another hidden gem in the region is the Coombe Estate, which is the former home of Dame Nellie Melba, the legendary opera singer. The estate has gardens, a gallery, and a restaurant that serves excellent culinary dishes that range from traditional to innovative.

Top Hidden Gems to Visit in Yarra Valley

  1. Boat O’Craigo Vineyards
    Boat O’Craigo Vineyards is a small family-run vineyard that provides a relaxed atmosphere combined with stunning views of the valley. The vineyard has a range of wine varieties like Shiraz and Pinot Gris, that pair perfectly with their delicious food offerings.
  2. Helen and Joey Estate
    Helen and Joey Estate is situated in the Yarra Glen region and is renowned for its contemporary cellar door and stunning views. The winery has a range of wines, including Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, and Shiraz, and their cellar door ensures you have a memorable experience.
  3. Mac Forbes Wines
    Located in Hoddles Creek, Mac Forbes Wines has made a name for itself by producing authentic wines. The vineyard is the perfect place to enjoy a delectable picnic with loved ones and taste the vineyard’s exquisite wines.

Food and Wine Pairing

The culinary scene in Yarra Valley is fantastic, with many wineries providing food and wine pairing options that elevate the wine-tasting experience. It is essential to highlight some of the best food and wine pairing destinations in Yarra Valley:

  1. Oakridge Wines
    Oakridge Wines has a world-class restaurant that provides tailored food and wine pairings that cater to your taste preferences. The restaurant produces dishes using fresh produce from their vegetable garden, and the best thing is that you can enjoy the experience in a picturesque vineyard setting.
  2. Meletos Cafe
    Meletos Cafe is located in the heart of the Yarra Valley and provides a range of dishes that pair perfectly with their wines. Their menu features dishes made from locally sourced produce, which ensures that the food has a unique and delicious taste.

Tips for an Unforgettable Private Excursion

  1. Dress comfortably and wear comfortable shoes, especially if you plan on exploring the vineyards.
  2. Develop an itinerary that aligns with your preferences and validate that with your tour operator.
  3. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  4. Pace yourself during tastings, so you can keep up the energy levels throughout the day.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask your tour operator for recommendations to see other attractions in the region.


Yarra Valley wine tours are an excellent way to experience Australia’s wine culture. Private excursions provide a personalized and intimate experience that ensures you have an unforgettable experience. Plan a private excursion to discover the hidden gems of Yarra Valley wine scenes and indulge in the fantastic culinary offerings and wine-tasting experience. Follow our tips for an unforgettable experience and uncover the delights of Yarra Valley’s wine region.

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